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Episode 100: Maggie Clancy

Maggie Clancy talks to us about how she came to own the property she does in Sonoma County, what she offers there and how Enbarr, her new app, was born.

Episode 101: John Saint Ryan

John Saint Ryan talks to us about some struggles growing up- including leaving school at 15 and how his temper made him lose his best friend but then how he got an opportunity to teach martial arts to the Army, jump starting his acting career, and his experiences with both Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance.

Episode 102: Katrina Charmatz

Katrina Charmatz talks to us about how she got started with Rebalance Pilates, a time she dissected a human body, her experience both of her hips resurfaced and what life is like living in siskiyou county mt shasta area

Episode 103: Liz Mouille

Liz Moo-lay talks to us about her struggles in school not fitting in but finding horses as her safe place, her battle with addiction, including alcohol and overeating, and going to 8 different treatment centers before getting clean.

Episode 104: Eva Herman

Eva Herman talks to us about her first anxiety attack and how she’s learned tools to get through them, how she handled moving barns and what she’s learned from each trainer she’s been with.

Episode 105: Dr. Carrie Wicks

Dr. Carrie Wicks talks to us about how relationships with horses have influenced her life and what inspired her to become a psychologist.

Episode 106: Joel Stewart

Joel Stewart talks to us about shoeing horses starting at the young age of 12 in Australia, this trip being his first trip to the US and what he thinks of it so far, and what he feel needs to change within the horse world.

Episode 107: Blackhound Equestrian

Morgan Caplane and Kate Jutagir talk to us about Blackhound Equestrian, what they have to offer and how their diverse backgrounds compliment each other so well.

Episode 108: Terry Church

Terry Church talks to us about her experience going to Germany, her journey with Tom Dorrance, and some insight on land management.

Episode 109: Shannon Ray Riley

Shannon Ray Riley chats with us about how horses helped her heal through family trauma, how she found a horse community who better suited her gentle ways, and her journey with Ayurveda.

Episode 10: Vita Rodocker (BONUS)

Vita Rodocker tells us a little about her experience coming out, what it was like growing up in the Central Valley, why she moved to Sonoma County, and how she became a farrier. Enjoy!

Episode 110: Maya Stessin

Maya Stessin talks to us about what the reining shows were like, her experience on the East Coast and in Texas, what brought her back to the west coast and her big life change.

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