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Stable Connections

Stable connections offers a space for personal perspective and creates room for both the speaker and listener to share, learn, and process together.

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Episode 125: Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson talks to us about getting a bachelors in Psychology, a masters in Counseling, doing her thesis on Equine Related Therapy and how now she finds herself as an independent Saddle Fitter.

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Episode 122: Mary McCormick

Mary McCormick talks to us about her experience knowing Vaulting would be a part of her life since the young age of seven, going to the World Equestrian Games, and what she's doing now.

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Episode 119: Brittany Massey

Brittany Massey talks to us about being super driven to learn everything “horse” starting around 12 years old, why she started her training program out of necessity and what happen right when she leased her first barn that changed her entire trajectory.

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Episode 116: Marie-Charlotte Guion-Bluechley “MC”

Marie Charlotte Guion Bluechley “MC” talks to us about being born and raised on a 200+ acre farm in Sonoma County, what her riding struggles are, and why she’s more focused on Dressage than archery now.

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Episode 124: Jordan Sullivan

Jordan Sullivan talks to us about being born and raised in a small town, how she’s preparing to leave to farrier school in Missouri and what she expects from it.

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Episode 121: Marissa Nielsen

Marissa Nielsen talks to us about starting Pony Club around 8 years old with her mom, her experience going from Pony Club to Young Riders, traveling to England and Scotland, and what it was like moving her business from the Bay Area to Sacramento, California.

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Episode 118: Ondine Rangel

Ondine Rangel talks to us about moving to multiple counties in her up bringing, how she’s always had a strong connection to animals, and how socializing and learning “people skills” didn’t get introduced to her until her early 20s.

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Episode 115: Camille Kusin

Camille Kusin talks to us about living in Germany for a decade, her experience with learning the language, why she came back and what her Dressage training program in Penngrove, California offers now.

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Episode 123: Marisha Chilcott

Marisha Chilcott talks to us about how one plane ride pivoted her trajectory where she now runs “Be The Change in Mental Health”, a non-profit organization making Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation more assessable to the public.

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Episode 120: Premier Equine Center

Premier Equine Center owners Pat and Amie chat with us about the growth of their rehab facility… Pat, coming from a 7th generation ranching family and Amie, with no horse family at all and how each of their skill sets have complimented each other over the years.

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Episode 117: Nia Tahani

Nia Tahani talks to us about early memories of standing out, how she made her way to Oakland, California from the East Coast, and her journey with vintage jewelry.

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Episode 114: Dr. Katie Prince

Dr. Katie Prince talks to us about growing up being the only girl in a house with 8 siblings, working up until having her C section, going back to work 4 days after having her daughter, and what running her vet practice in Sonoma County has been like.

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