Stable Connections the Podcast focuses more on the things we have in common as individuals, as well as a community.


I believe in the power of conversation.

By listening, we open the door to learning and by communicating, we open the door to connection.

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About Me


Hey, I’m Shonna Berk. Creator, editor, and interviewer of Stable Connections, the podcast.


I’ve spent most of my childhood and adult life within the horse community, whether that was A circuit hunter jumper shows, traveling as a groom for Cavalia’s Odysseo, or currently running my own business as a body worker. Within my years of experience I have felt more emphases put on the differences and less on the commonalities.

New episodes every Monday.

Stable Connections offers a space for personal perspective and creates room for both the speaker and listener to share, learn, and process together. Some of the guests interviewed, I’ve known personally for years and others I’ve never met. At the end of each conversation I’m surprised and humbled by how much can be learned by simply listening and I am reminded that we are all here doing the best we can with the cards we are dealt.

Episode 41: Hilary Van Tatenhove

Episode 41: Hilary Van Tatenhove

Hilary Van Tatenhove tells us a bit about why she chose the body work that she offers and how having twins has changed her life. Enjoy!

Episode 40: Robin "RT" Goodrich

Episode 40: Robin "RT" Goodrich

Robin "RT" Goodrich talks to us about his journey moving from Washington to California, his experience being a farrier, the monkeys he fed in a research lab, and why he feels communication is necessary. Enjoy!

Episode 39: Frank Grelo

Episode 39: Frank Grelo

Frank Grelo gives us a brief history lesson on the Iberian Peninsula and what his interpretation of "An iron fist in a velvet glove" is. Enjoy!