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Bringing the Equestrian Community Together


Stable Connections the Podcast focuses on the things we have in common as individuals, as well as a community.

Our Story

Stable Connections offers a space for personal perspective and creates room for both the speaker and listener to share, learn, and process together. Some of the guests interviewed are professionals within the industry, while others are not.  


At the end of each conversation I’m surprised and humbled by how much can be learned by simply listening and I am reminded that we are all here doing the best we can with the cards we are dealt.


What Makes Stable Connections Different?

Shonna Berk uses her unique background within the horse world to create comfort and connection with each of her guests.  All interviews are in person, offering the opportunity for true connection.  Though all episodes are pre-recorded and edited for listener enjoyment, each episode feels as though you are in the room and part of the conversation.


Episodes are approximately one hour, and the interviewee steers the conversation. The conversations are free-flowing and organic, with just one pre-planned question: “What is something within the community you’d like to see evolve or change, and how can you help with this change if you’re not already?” The question is asked with the intent to create curiosity for the listener and influence positive change within the community.

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Episode 73: Megan Hensley

Episode 73: Megan Hensley

Megan Hensley talks to us about how and why she became The Donkey Farrier, her journey to barefoot trimming, and her new adventure with Oscar’s place, a donkey sanctuary.

Episode 72: Alexis Martin-Vegue

Episode 72: Alexis Martin-Vegue

Alexis Martin-Vegue talks to us about how she got into horses, a major accident that left her in the hospital for almost two weeks and vertigo for an entire year after, and what she’s doing now.

Episode 71: Debbie Roberts Loucks

Episode 71: Debbie Roberts Loucks

Debbie Roberts Loucks talks to us about everything the California Horse Center property in Solvang, CA has to offer and how the Queen of England changed the trajectory of her father’s career.

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