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Episode 10: Vita Rodocker (BONUS)

Vita Rodocker tells us a little about her experience coming out, what it was like growing up in the Central Valley, why she moved to Sonoma County, and how she became a farrier. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Jessica Fry

Jessica Fry from South Carolina tells us a bit about her journey starting Wild Heart Equine Therapy, a 501C3 non profit, some of her inspirations, and the hard work it took to get to where she is now.

Episode 12: Dominique Barbier

Dominique Barbier, a world traveled Clinician from France tells us about his journey, why he ended up in Sonoma County and how his past experiences have shaped his teaching styles today.

Episode 13: Becca Knopf

Becca Knopf talks to us about going to school in Ohio and how she was able to turn Cadence Farm in Sonoma, CA into a satellite location for The Square Peg Foundation. Enjoy!

Episode 14: Joell Dunlap

Joell Dunlap talks about her start at the race track, raising her son, some impactful mentors in her journey, how the Square Peg Foundation emerged, and her new book! Enjoy

Episode 15: Christy Onoda

Christy Onoda tells us about her journey as a Lawyer, a jumper, and owner of Caldecott Stables in Briones. Enjoy!

Episode 16: George Ruth (BONUS)

George Ruth's tells us about their journey to self discovery, the equestrian college they attended in the midwest, and how they found themselves back in Humboldt County starting a kids lesson program

Episode 17: Sydney Jai Frank

Sydney Jai Frank talks to us about her experience as a Rodeo Queen and how she started her photography business

Episode 18: Chris Ellsworth

Chris Ellsworth talks to us about how he went from rodeo, to ranch life and is now holding clinics around the US. Enjoy!

Episode 19: Darby Bonomi

Darby Bonomi talks to us about her journey becoming a Sport and Performance Psychologist for Equestrians, non-equestrians and other high performance individuals. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Warwick Schiller

Warwick Schiller shares about his mental health journey and how his interpersonal work has informed his training methods and gives us insight on how bettering yourself can provide life changing benefits for our horses.

Episode 20: Jaclyn Pepper

Jaclyn Pepper tells us about her journey going from the Hunter Jumper world into the Dressage world and what it's like being a young trainer and rider in Sonoma County. Enjoy!

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